Comfortable Travel Neck Pillow by Zee-Zoo

with memory foam provides quality relaxation and not only while you travel!
  • No more cervical spinal pain
  • Feel comfortable anywhere and anytime
  • Listen to music easily while you travel
Everything is made for your complete satisfaction.


Five star rating „It help me so much A+ 5 stars two thumbs up.“
D. guerrero

Five star rating „I had a 24 hour journey with halt and this pillow made it easy like never before.“

Five star rating „I have tried several neck pillows and this by far is the best one.“

When to use Zee-Zoo Memory Foam Neck Pillow?

Have quality sleep on your journeys.

Have a short refreshing snooze during the day.

Relax comfortably while you are watching TV or reading a book.

Work on the laptop without cervical spinal pain.


Easily removable velour pillow cover which can be washed in a washing machine.

You will receive the neck pillow in a travel bag which compresses its size.

The premium memory foam is soft, but firm and it gives you perfect blend of support and comfort.

Fix your neck with the adjustable drawstrings which allow the pillow follow the shape of your neck.

Perfectly situated cell phone pocket on the left side of the pillow makes easier listen to music.

Why choose Travel Pillow by Zee-Zoo?

Zee-Zoo neck pillow for travel has been developed by specialists in memory foam products according to the requirements of ordinary customers.

What customers say „I will never go another night without sleeping with this pillow. I end up with bad neck pain every night.“
Its April

What customers say „The feeling of the plush covering will send you into a peaceful slumber.“
Meka B

What customers say „Its like my neck is sinking into quick sand.“
Carol Richards

Nov 1
Nov 1

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